Executive Benefits

Could the things you have worked so hard to acquire be gone tomorrow? Not if you provide  appropriate protection, and that’s where Coomer Plans is your best friend.

Working with you to assure your personal protection,  Coomer Plans becomes your trusted adviser and guide as you evaluate the options and make the smartest choices for your individual case.

Coomer Plans offers executives a range of options to protect themselves, their families, and employees; and to service your chosen plans with care and superior expertise.

Our solutions include:

  • Deferred Compensation such as BOLI, COLI, TOLI
  • Non-Qualified Retirement Planning
  • Long Term Care Planning
  • Life Insurance
  • SERP (Selective Executive Retirement Plans)
  • Disability Insurance Planning
  • Risk management for executives, including:
    • Succession Planning
    • Estate Planning
    • Life Insurance Planning
    • Long Term Care Insurance Planning
    • Nonqualified Retirement Planning
    • Special Needs Planning

You can trust our expert analysis of your Risk and Proactive recommendations for your customized action plan.

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